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Advanced Learning Lab partners with OCM (Organizational Change Management) specialists and consultants as part of change management initiatives.

From changes in policies, procedures, practices, safety protocols, software, hardware, human resources, budgets, and more, there are countless ways change can impact an organization’s functionality and growth potential.

OCM specialists identify, devise, and implement change strategies within organizations. With careful research and analysis, OCM allows changes to occur with minimal disruption. A big part of any successful change management initiative is communication and training.


Communication is key to provide those affected by change, the information and direction to help manage change. Whether it's web content, policies and procedures, flyers/posters, or an entire communication campaign, ALL can help.


Training - ALL’s team of instructional designers provides robust multi-platform training solutions that engage learners.


We produce professionally designed classroom and web-based interactive training, infused with eye-catching multimedia content; original video, animation, motion graphics, interactive AR, VR and immersive video solutions, in addition to other performance support tools!


ALL partners with OCM specialists to analyze job roles and functions in an organization to identify skills and knowledge gaps, and develop training courses or programs to address those needs.   

Get in touch with us today for a free 30 minute initial needs analysis conversation about your
change management initiative!

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